SALE: New Year, New Period
SALE: New Year, New Period
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Social Impact

Myoni is an ethical and purpose driven company and making a social impact is embedded in how we do things. 
As we grow we are doing this in a variety of ways. Currently we have been able to fight period poverty by donating Myoni Cups to Share the Dignity.
We have been able to donate one cup for almost every two cups sold. We are working to grow this number as our company grows too. We will continue to provide updates here and via our social media and email  (sign up here).
Fighting Period poverty and taboo are driving factors in everything we do and will continue to donate to amazing initiatives that support positive periods both in Australia and around the world.
Your purchase helps us  support the amazing work done by Share the Dignity through our Myoni Cup of Kindness Program, which enables us to supply menstrual cups to those experiencing domestic violence and/or homelessness in Australia. 
We believe no one should go without menstrual products during their period.
For us the choice to use a cup is a simple one, but for too many women in Australia things are not that easy. Too many women are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence or poverty, including many school age women, and have to resort to using old socks and paper to manage their periods.
This is not the Australia we want to live in.
That's why we have partnered with Share the Dignity to help give monthly dignity to Australia's most vulnerable women.
Through Myoni's Cup of Kindness program we share the love by giving a Myoni Cup to someone in need. Your kind donation of a reusable Myoni Cup provides a sustainable and life changing solution to a fellow menstruator.
Throughout the year we donate profits from some of our limited edition products and hold special donation drives, keep an eye out for these in our newsletters (sign up here).
It's time we all filled our cup with a bit of kindness.