3 Reasons why menstrual cups are the future

You’ve heard a bit about the environmental, financial and social impact of reusable menstrual products but what’s the actual deal?

  • Save Money

  • Let’s look at the facts. We’re aware there’s a ‘pink tax’ elephant in the room. From segregated isles to additional products and price hikes based on which gender is being sold to - let’s be frank, we are over it. A person who menstruates does so for approximately 38 years of their life and, lets say they spends approximately $7 per cycle on products (more if it is organic with an ethical supply chain) that cool minimum $3192 combined with all the associated costs to support pain, stain removal, craving management it comes up to approximately $20 000 throughout a menstruating lifetime (of course this figure is largely dependent on what products & processes individuals use) & regardless, it all adds up! Using a cup pays for itself in less than a year & because its reusable for years to come - you’ve got yourself free periods!

      2) Reduce Waste

    Landfills are choking with post industrial and consumer waste. The average woman uses between 12 000 - 17 000 disposable menstrual products throughout their lifetime. We have other options now so, together we can turn those stats by selecting options that are kinder to the environment.

    3) Space

    Mental and physical space is saved. Physically you don’t have to store extra stuff in your handbag, cabinet, toiletry bag - more space for fun things! Mentally, it’s one less thing you have to think about buying, checking if you have enough of. Minimising choices and brainpower for things you’d rather think about - like your next holiday!

    There’s oodles more reasons and if you speak to a cupvert they probably won’t be shy in telling you what they love most about making the switch. Let’s move beyond throw away and make more time space and money available to create the future.

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