We stand behind our products. We have invested time, money, energy and love to bring you Myoni products and in particular our signature Myoni Cup. It is very important to us that every stage of production is ethical and done sustainably.


We love Australian made... we are proud to say Myoni is 100% Australian owned and our products are made with care in Australia, this means we can be sure that our products are made in compliance with strict Australian manufacturing laws. It is important to us that we know who makes our products. We have developed strong relationships with Australian manufacturers, creatives and producers, ensuring our products are made ethically.

In this age where many products are made in a far away factory on another shore, by people who remain faceless and not employed fairly. We believe it is important to have a transparent relationship with all who make up our supply chain and we know each of our suppliers where possible. Where the links in our supply chain are not easy to hold accountable we are always working to make them more ethical. This means we can stand confidently behind our products and be transparent with you.


We stand behind our products…we go the extra mile to make sure our products are the best they can be and our Myoni Cup is quality assured. There are a lot of menstrual cups made in the world but we can be sure that Myoni Cup is made in Australia in a clean factory along side other health and medical devices. Myoni Cup is lab tested for safety, made from medical grade materials and manufacturing processes are monitored. This means we can be confident that Myoni Cup is the best support for your period.


Why are we invest in eco… we are passionate about looking after the planet. At Myoni we take care to make sure every aspect of our business is as gentle on the environment as it can be. We use biodegradable, plastic free packaging, recyclable products and invest in making our footprint on this planet as small as possible.


We know are here for you… please get in touch if you are not happy so we can get the right fit. Using Myoni cup is a little different to tampons, using the cup may take a little practice and we are here to help.


We believe that practicing what we preach is what makes a responsible and ethical business.