We stand behind our products. We have invested time, money, energy and love to bring you Myoni products and in particular our signature Myoni Cup. It is very important to us that every stage of production is ethical and done sustainably.


Why Myoni Cup is 100% Australian.

We believe being ethical starts with being accountable. Producing within Australia means we have a relationship with everyone involved. We work together under the strict Australian manufacturing laws to produce a quality product in ethical conditions.

It is alarmingly easy to have a product made externally by faceless companies with damaging employment and environmental standards. Where possible we know each of our suppliers and we are constantly working to strengthen the links in our supply chain that are harder to hold accountable. We have made it our priority to develop strong relationships with local manufacturers, creatives and producers, ensuring our product is made ethically at every step.

This is why we are proud to say Myoni Cup is 100% Australian.


We stand behind our products.

We go the extra mile to make sure our products are the best they can be. Myoni Cup is quality assured and made in medical grade Australian facilities. We believe menstrual cups should always be made in clean factories next to other health and medical devices but not every product on the market does this. Myoni Cup is made from medical grade materials in monitored manufacturing conditions and lab tested for safety so you can be confident that Myoni Cup is the best support for your period.

This is why we can proudly stand behind our products and be transparent with you.


Why we invest in eco practice.

A menstrual cup is a beautiful way to reduce your footprint and a Myoni Cup is extra mindful. At Myoni we take care to make sure every aspect of our business is as gentle on the environment as it can be. We use biodegradable, thoughtful packaging; recyclable products and invest in making our impact on this planet as small as possible.

We are truly passionate about looking after the planet. A simple reason but this is why we invest in eco practices.


We are here for you.

The most important part of this journey is you. Myoni Cup was developed to make your cycle as safe, comfortable and empowering as possible. Please get in touch if you are not happy so we can get the right fit.

We believe that practicing what we preach is what makes a responsible and ethical business.