About us


Hey, we’re Matilda & Sarah. We created Myoni because we wanted to see ethical, high quality ways to support menstruation because we want to live in a world where cycles are not just tolerated but embraced, where period poverty is a thing of the past & where sustainable solutions are available WITH full transparency on where they come from. 


We know periods might not be your favourite topic. Or maybe you’re totally in sync with tracking your cycle. Wherever you are at we welcome you & we get it. Everyone’s experience is completely unique and matters. 


Are you over having to constantly buy more disposables and ready to just not have to THINK about re-buying or getting caught out?


Does adding to landfill & spending hundreds of dollars in disposables not sit right with you now & you’re wanting a sustainable option that’ll save you in the long run?


Are you already cupverted and wanting to choose something locally made AND be able to give back in the process?


You deserve to save on time, money and waste during your monthlies. 


We crafted these offerings to bring ease into that time of the month WITH ethics, environmental sustainability and full hearts because we want only the best for your bits. 



Learn more about what drives Myoni's team and why we are called Myoni.