How Myoni got started



Our story began, like any good thing, over pots of tea, catching up often turned to discussions about the kinds of sanitary products available (what else do old friends talk about? :P). 

We felt we were being taken for granted by the menstrual marketplace with an oversupply of cheap, throwaway, products that don't give us the support we deserve.

Whilst our discovery of menstrual cups during our early twenties changed our experiences of menstruation. We knew it could be better. We embarked on a journey to research existing products. We searched the globe for the right support, and tested every design we could get out hands on (yep, we tried it all) but we just couldn't find the right solution.

So, that's when we knew we had to take the concept to the next level.

We went the extra mile and started designing, prototyping and testing our own concepts. It took three years of testing designs and talking to women about the support they desired for us to develop Myoni Cup.

We were able to take a step into production when we won the competitive Ignite Ideas grant from Advance Queensland in 2017. Myoni Cup is Australian Made. Producing within Australia means we have a relationship with everyone involved. We work together under the strict Australian manufacturing laws to produce a quality product in ethical conditions. Only the best for your bits! 

We built Myoni is a purpose driven company. This means we are dedicated to ethically production of our products as well as giving back to health projects that make a difference around the world. Giving back is just part of our business DNA, we believe this is how we can make a difference and break the taboo.

It's time to move beyond cheap throwaways.

It's time for Myoni Cup.


Myoni founders (Sarah, Matilda and Fiona)