What Myoni Stands For

At Myoni, we want to improve how people feel about periods and flow with the 4 phases in their menstrual cycle. We also think businesses and the products they make should be beautiful as well as ethically made, tread softly on our environment and make a social impact. It sounds like a lot but these ethics are suer important to us, and we know you care about them too. 

That's why Myoni Cup is Australian Made. Producing within Australia means we have a relationship with everyone involved. We work together under the strict Australian manufacturing laws to produce a quality product from medical grade materials by experts in ethical conditions. Only the best for your bits! 

We also built Myoni is a purpose driven company. This means we are dedicated to the ethical production of our products as well as giving back to projects that make a difference around the world. Giving back is just part of our business DNA, we believe this is how we can make a difference and break the period taboo.

We created Myoni as a force for good, so you an be confident your purchase is a positive one.


Sarah + Matilda

Myoni Co-founders


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