The Australian Made Menstrual Cup

Myoni menstrual cup is the ethical choice, 100% Australian Made and Owned by two female menstrual revolutionaries


It’s the best menstrual cup in Australia (we might be a little bit biased) 

Did you know that every step in manufacturing the Myoni Cup is in Australia? We worked really hard to make sure we could make a 100% Australian made product. This means we know our suppliers and we have visited most of the manufacturing sites for each component of our Myoni menstrual cup, everything from the packaging, bag and cup. We think it's really important to know where our products come from, especially ones we use so intimately. We know that they are made from medical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), in factories by qualified technicians. They are made under strict Australian laws and in compliance with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). We also know that this process reduces waste, we only make what we need and we are constantly working to strengthen the links in our supply chain that are harder to hold accountable.  .
We believe a local and transparent supply chain is the best way to make a product, uphold high environmental and employment standards. 
Myoni Menstrual Cup is ethically made in Australia, it's a choice for a more eco and ethical period.



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