The beginings of Myoni

Myoni Our Story

We started Myoni in 2016 because we wanted to share with the world a whole new way of managing periods that is simple, safe, and cost effective.

It’s been a long road for us. Like many people who have periods, we have each asked ourselves the same frustrated question at one time or another: Surely there must be another option out there!” And like so many first time cup users, it was a trusted friend who introduced us to the concept of menstrual cups and with it our new found freedom. After using a variety of cups on the market we found that the available designs left much to be desired, and almost all of them required tricks and work arounds that users like us had to figure out for ourselves.

We knew we were on to something important but the concept still needed work, so we formed a collective and tasked ourselves with a new mission: to bring about nothing less than a Menstrual Revolution.

Since then, we have literally used almost every single menstrual cup and menstrual product currently available on the market. Sarah set about researching and personally testing every reusable product available on the international market to bring us the best design ideas from abroad. Matilda has put her community development experience and serious design skills to the test, coming up with neat, reusable, and stylish packaging solutions that are also socially responsible. Fiona has bravely DIYed prototypes using homemade moulds and food grade silicon in her own kitchen!

We’ve dissected menstrual cups and absorbent underwear, made our own panty liners, tested and engineered different cleaning methods, and Macgyvered our own solutions to common problems using everything from 3D printers to dental floss. We’ve had almost every kind of menstrual leakage disaster imaginable, and all in the name of science!

We’re been working hard to bring you our best ever menstrual cup, the kind that we wished we could buy. And we’re delighted with the result:

–    Australian made and owned

–    sleek, modern fabrication

–    hygienic and reusable!

–    socially and environmentally responsible

–    convenient, clever design to minimise leaks and spills

–    easy to clean and odour free

–    pays for itself quickly over time

–    practical and fuss free

All of this from a small business built from the ground up by three hard working women who totally understand how frustrating it is to a) have periods! and b) get used to a whole new routine of managing them.

Most of all, we love that our Myoni cup frees up space in our lives, in our bathroom cabinets, and in our heads now that we dont have to worry about toxic shock syndrome or running to the bathroom every two minutes. It’s the perfect companion for travel and our goal to live active, fuss-free lives.

The journey is far from over as we progress through the final challenges in bringing our product to market. We are so grateful for the support we have received and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Ready? Let’s do this.


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