Three areas to focus on to nurture and thrive.


Create space- The outer reflects the inner. Clear your space, clear your mind.


Have you set New Year intentions around being more mindful or carving out more spaces for stillness? Re-evaluate how that is going for you and think about how your environment is or could better propel you forward.

How? That might mean de-cluttering, re-arranging your space, lighting some candles or buying a fabulous new indoor plant and naming it Jeff.

Watch that self-talk. Would you say some of those things to your best friend or a little child? If you’re harder on yourself than you are on others it might be helpful to think about how effective that is for your wellbeing. Screen that sub conscious and press ‘delete’ on patterns or thoughts that aren’t enriching your life.

How? Practice observing your thoughts, catch them and ask yourself. Does this work for me? If not, delete, see you later buddy. Some patterns and thoughts run deep and take time to process, be kind to yourself. Acknowledging them and then supporting yourself through doing positive thinks like reading, journaling, therapeutic treatments, yoga, excercise, meditation or binge watching your favorite comedian, can do wonders.



Love your guts


It’s not the most glamorous of topics but gut is known as the ‘second brain’ or more technically, the enteric nervous system, made up of two thin layers with more than 100 million nerve cells from your gastrointestinal tract from entrance to exit (esophagus to rectum). Research suggests that irritation in this system sends signals to the central nervous system to trigger mood change. We’re all for a loved up nervous system. Give your guts some extra attention this month.

How? Start the day with a mug of warm water, Introduce fermented foods and beverages (try some DYI Saurcraut or Kombutcha) especially during your follicular phase, include more fibre in your diet, add some apple cider vinegar, Slippery elm, linseeds or psylium husks into your system. Listen to your body, what’s something you could do to nourish your innards.



Need we say more?



With a history stretching back to the 1st Century BC, Spaghetti has been on the table for a while. Nowadays, GM wheat has given this stringy friend a bad wrap for some. Alas, spelt, quinoa, homemade and whole grain options abound for all! So spaghetti still holds a place in our hearts. Have a cook up or go out. Make time for a spagalicious treat.

How do you like your pasta?

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