What is Myoni Cup made from?

We believe that only the best should enter your bits.

That’s why we have sought the highest quality material to make your Myoni Cup (we have spent years scouring the planet and testing materials to get it just right for your Myoni Cup). So after vigorous testing and trialing, we chose to use a German made medical grade polymer called Thermo Plastic Elastomer or TPE, which at the end of its life is uniquely recyclable.


So what is medical grade TPE?

It’s a high quality material often used to make medical tubing, implants, surgical instruments and medical devices. Medical Grade TPE is manufactured in a special environment (so no chance of cross contamination with other grades of material). It has to meet a number of guidelines and requirements including ISO_10993 standards (these are standards internationally recognised as being top notch). We import our medical grade TPE from high quality suppliers in Germany (unfortunately we don't make any medical grade TPE in Australia).

Medical grade TPE is durable, can withstand a wide range of heat and cold, and is soft and malleable. It has the unique ability to soften with warmth, enabling it to mould better to your vagina's unique shape with the warmth of your body. Medical grade TPE is also free from latex and other potential irritants, making it less likely to cause an allergic reaction (though we encourage you to chat to your Doctor or health practitioner if you have any concerns about using a menstrual cup or TPE). We also love that medical grade TPE as it is recyclable. 


What about the colourant in Myoni Cup?

We use a special type of colourant that is body safe and stable when used with medical grade TPE, this means it is super safe and won’t leach. 

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure Myoni Cup is made from the very best for your bits.


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