Myoni Cup


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We can't wait for you to try Myoni Cup and say toodaloo to tampons for good!


Save money. Myoni Cup is reusable. It’s true that the Myoni Cup costs more in the beginning but your investment is quickly made up in the first year of use, making the next two years of periods cost nothing. Free Periods!

It’s simple to use. It may take a few goes to be fully in love with your cup but once you have it - it’s game changing. Check out our handy folding techniques, we like to call Myoni origami.

It’s convenient. Your Myoni Cup is always handy it easily travels with you in it’s beautiful companion case. Or you can insert it when you are getting close to your period, just remember to take it out and clean in every 8 hours like you would when using it during your period. Plus Myoni Cup lasts 3 years so that’s 35 less visits to the supermarket!

Companion case. Myoni Cup comes with a neoprene companion case tailored for the cup. It’s custom designed and made in Australia.The case keeps Myoni Cup clean and covered when it’s not in use and makes it convenient to store  both on the go and at home.

Two sizes. Size One is best for those who experience a lighter flow, have never given birth vaginally, or aren’t sure which size to choose. Size One is a good starter cup, and has a capacity of 25ml. Size Two is recommended for those who have heavier flows or you have given birth vaginally. This one has a capacity of 30ml.

Environmentally friendly. Every month using a menstrual cup  saves about 20 tampons from ending up in landfill (that’s about 240 tampons a year and a whopping 9600 in a lifetime). Myoni Cup is also recyclable, meaning it can have another life after you’re finished with it, rather than lingering in landfill.

Ethical & Purpose Driven. Myoni Cup is created to empower women and contribute positively to our planet. Therefore the ideals of offering high quality, locally produced, ethically made menstrual solutions that empower women also include giving back to the broader community. We are passionate about contributing to initiatives that make a real impact in our world.