"I've had few different cups but Myoni is definitely my favorite! I love the soft material and the pouring lip which, incidentally, creates that inside ledge that makes it just so much easier to unfold properly once in place and help you be leak free (=worry free). Oh and the case! +++ Switching to a cup was the best decision. Switching to Myoni, makes it even better! " ~ Celine


"Myoni is a very high quality Australian brand run by impressive Australian women entrepreneurs who I have found to be extraordinarily ethical and easy to work with. I have tested their products and I am very impressed with the quality; I plan to continue utilising Myoni's products now and in the future." ~ Sarina 


"I have had the privilege of using myoni cups for quiet a while now, and all I can say is I haven't looked back. The cup is so convenient to travel with and has accompanied me on a few trips now including my most recent trip to Peru.
I love that I can do anything without the worry of leakage and being reusable means less to throw away! Highly recommend to all ladies out there to give myoni cup ago 💗" ~ Stella


“I was surprised I felt like a young nervous teenager when I first used my Myoni cup.  But what a game changer! Tampons and pads are out. This will also be the only period management my daughter will know, there will be no stopping her too!" ~ Jennifer


"Menstrual cups are much easier and much cheaper than the alternatives and I would highly recommend conversion to Myoni to anyone as it is an all Australian, female run ethical business, with a well-researched and designed cup." ~ Angela


"NO MORE TAMPONS SHAMPONS, I never liked tampons, it took me a while to even use them correctly. I never used them even over night, I thought I would die of toxic shock sydrome! I didn’t like the thought of how un-environmentally friendly they were; and after 3 kids I hated them more, did you know they fall out when you least expect them too??  I have 2 girls as well and thought when they hit puberty it will cost me a fortune.

I love being soo environmentally friendly; and my carbon footprint (no matter how small it is) makes me feel good, nothing wrong with that. I also feel the more I am using it, I know when the time comes my young ladies will be using them just like their mummy. LOVE MY MYONI" ~ Liz


"Myoni is quite simply the most comfortable menstrual cup I have ever used. I trimmed the stem to ‘fit’ and I could hardly notice it was there. Menstrual cups often make me need to pee often or make my period pain worse, but I didn’t have either of these problems when I used Myoni. It is super soft and really flexible. Highly recommended! It would be a great first time cup too." ~ Carla