When were menstrual cups invented?

Menstrual cups were invented by menstruators, not that long ago...

In the time before menstrual cups, (for millennia) menstruators have used natural fibres to create reusable and #wastefree menstrual products. The ancient Egyptians used softened papyrus to create early tampons and many cultures used fabrics to make reusable pads. Ask your grandma about her experiences with menstrual products, she probably used reusable “rags”… they certainly weren’t the only ones who got their “rags” :P

As for menstrual cups, the idea of an internal receptacle for menstrual fluid came about during the industrial revolution. The first patented design was in the 1860s and consisted of an internal rubber funnel, not unlike the modern menstrual cup shape, attached to an external bladder that was worn with a garter. This design didn’t take off (thank goodness) but it was a vital step in the direction of menstrual cups.


The Modern Menstrual Cup

The modern menstrual cup was born in 1937 when American actor Leona Chalmers patented her cup design. It looks very similar to the basic cup shape we see today and became a tried design. Leona designed the menstrual cup because as a stage actor she couldn’t wear the bulky external pads and garters under her costumes. She needed something sleek and discreet that was functional and capable of supporting her and enabling her to continue to work freely during her period.

This original design was made from natural rubber and was the basis for the cup later produced and promoted by Tassaway in the US. However, due to the rise in the production of disposable products with the surplus of absorbent medical bandages after the second world war; and the rise in marketing of this newly invented disposable tampon; and a rubber shortage after the war; the menstrual cup stopped being mass produced and took a hiatus for a few decades.

Later a company started making cups out of rubber again and this cup s still on the market. It wasn’t until 2001 when a company started making cups out of medical grade silicone that there was any variation in the design or material.

Very recently there has been a lot of innovation and there are many different cups on the market. There are cups for different body shapes and types of flow. There are also companies driven by women responding to the values and needs of menstruators around the world.


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