Workshops and Events

It's part of our mission to promote period positivity and challenge the silly taboo around menstruation (and have fun while doing it). We love facilitating discussions, workshops and presenting on the incredible superpower that is your period and menstrual cycle. The menstrual revolution is all about changing the way we think about periods, our bodies and embracing sustainable solutions.

Come along for a soul-nourishing half-day workshop where we get our heads around the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle (coz, it's way more than just a period). We incorporate meditation, movement, journaling and fun as we learn how to use our cycle to increase productivity, have better relationships, and nourish ourselves.

We will build our awareness of our bodies and identify practices to help us go with the flow for a more productive and positive cycle.

 Come, step into your power, you fabulous cyclical being.