WISDOM, short course to going with your flow

WISDOM, short course to going with your flow

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WISDOM is a short online course that will help you go with your flow.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle, how to work with it, and wellbeing tools that you can use now for a more productive and balanced life as a cyclical being.

You’ve tried tracking your cycle but didn’t know what to look for or why it REALLY mattered (besides fertile windows & when your period was due) so you’re wondering what the point is?

Maybe you’ve experienced painful periods, irregular cycles or never quite thought much about what happens between that monthly bleed?

Have you heard the words luteal and follicular thrown around but thought they sounded more like pantone colours than something your body experiences?

We’re Matilda & Sarah & if you’ve got yourself a uterus & want to understand how to identify, support & work with YOUR cycle then this is for you.

We help cyclical beings connect to their inner superpower to transform & open up new ways to leverage their relationships, work, health & wellbeing by using this wisdom. 

You’ll learn:

  • How the paradigms we’re in have shaped our experience 
  • The 4 phases of your cycle & how to work WITH them.
  • Tools to reflect & integrate your experience & strengthen your connection you to YOU.
  • Wellbeing tools you can use right away.