Align, Don't Hustle

A podcast by Myoni

We chat to amazing people about their journey of bringing their passions, work and health into alignment, to create a life and business that they love. Because when things are in alignment our eyes light up, things flow and great things happen.


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Building a value driven life and business- with Misha founder of Heart Therapeutics

In this episode we chat with Misha, founder of Heart Therapeutics. We met Misha when we had a stall next to her at the Wanderlust festival in Brisbane late 2019 and fell in love with her teas then.

We talk about how she has combined her back ground in naturopathy and her passion for herbalism to build heart therapeutics. She gives insight into how she built a business based on unwavering ethics and values, even if this has meant she has faced a few challenges along the way. She also shares her wisdom as to how she lives her best life as a working mum.

For more on Heart Therapeutics check out www.hearttherapeutics.com.au and @heart_therapeutics on instagram. 



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Here is how and why to tune into your empathy- with empathy expert Meri

In this episode we chat to Meritxell Garciar in Barcelona, she is an expert in empathy, an empathy coach and has recently published a book called The Art of Empathy.

We talk about how to tune into your empathy and recognise it in others. We explore how being more aware of our empathy can support us to live a better life, help us better live with the phases of our menstrual cycle and how this practice and awareness helps us bring aspects of our life into alignment.

To learn more about Meri check out www.meritxellgarciaroig.com or @meritxellgarciar on instagram.