Align, Don't Hustle

A podcast by Myoni

We chat to amazing people about their journey of bringing their passions, work and health into alignment, to create a life and business that they love. Because when things are in alignment our eyes light up, things flow and great things happen. 

At Myoni, we want to improve how people feel about periods and flow with the 4 phases in their menstrual cycle.

We are also huge advocates for identifying flow in all areas of our lives, using our passions to help guide the way we build our lives and business.

That’s why we created, Align Don’t Hustle.

In this podcast we share the stories and learning’s of people creating a life they love.

We found that while building Myoni when we stopped pushing the proverbial uphill and stopped hustling for the sake of it, we were able to step back make better decisions, listen to our gut and align with our heart, womb, whole being and our menstrual cycles.


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