Why choose a Myoni Menstrual Cup?

In the last few years, Australian folk have seen an explosion in the availability of menstrual cups. This is fantastic news, as many people are finding that menstrual cups provide a more comfortable and convenient, lower cost, and lower waste way to manage their period. 

Unfortunately, not all menstrual cups are created equal. 

Here are some reasons why Australian menstruators are choosing a Myoni Menstrual Cup.  

  • Myoni cup is small, soft, and flexible, making it less intrusive than other cups.
  • Myoni cup is convenient to use, and our companion case is robust enough to last the life of your cup.
  • Unlike many other menstrual cups you can buy online, Myoni cup has a transparent supply chain and is made in Australia to Australian standards. This makes us a safer choice than other unregulated cups on the market.
  • Myoni cup is made from a recyclable polymer that is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use in other similar intimate body applications. 
  • Because Myoni cup is made from recyclable medical grade thermoplastic elastomer we cut down on our waste in production. We are currently working on developing a post-consumer take back programme to recycle old cups - we don’t have one yet but we hope to in the future!
  • Myoni cup is a social enterprise - We make good things, we do good things, and we use our platform to promote good things.
  • Myoni donates to charity and community partners who are doing good stuff in the world. Our current priority is tackling period poverty. 
  • We have built a procurement strategy to put our money where our mouth is - our cup, our cardboard packaging, and our companion cases are all made in Australia by small, like-minded businesses. We choose to feature local artists and community builders wherever we can. 
  • We are an all-lady feminist start up gang, and we get what it’s like to juggle your busy life, and we want to make your life easier so that you can focus on bringing your talents to the world.

As one of our myoni cup users has said….

“Myoni is quite simply the most comfortable menstrual cup I have ever used.” - Carla

So, there you have it! These are just some of the reasons people are cup-verted to Myoni.

Why did you choose Myoni? Do you have any questions for us?

As always you can get in touch with us via our social channels or send us an email to hello@myoni.love. We love hearing from you. 


Team Myoni

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