5 things having a baby taught me about my cervix

Matilda, Myoni Co-founder

How well do you know your cervix? I didn’t know much about mine until becoming pregnant. Now I’m so much more conscious of my cervix as a part of my body and how amazing it is. Its hidden away, often disregarded as just the connector between the vagina and the uterus. But it's WAY more than that!


One: the cervix is amazing!

I never really thought about it but turns out the cervix is not a slim doughnut (what you can see and feel via the vagina) but most of the time it is a canal about 4 cm long and about half of that extends into the vaginal canal.

The cervix sits at the top of your vagina and if you want to find it you can feel it with a finger, it usually feels like a firm little doughnut or kida like the end of your nose. You can take a look but it will require a mirror and a bright light, if your curious next time you get a cervical exam or pap-smear ask the doctor to give you a look with a mirror.

Depending on which phase of your cycle you are in, it will feel different. During ovulation your cervix will feel quite soft, as it opens slightly and produces clear fluid, it also sits higher during this phase. During other phases of your cycle the cervix can feel quite hard and is lower during menstruation.


Two: Cervical fluid

When ovulating the cervix creates fluid that supports the movement of sperm to make its way into the uterus and then towards to the fallopian tube. This fluid is this and clear, the cervix creates thicker more opaque fluid during other phases of the menstrual cycle. The changes of cervical fluid can be good indicators of where you are in your cycle and your fertility.
Its a good idea to pay attention to your fluid for a few months to get to know your normal. Any unexpected changes are good reasons to chat to a health practitioner.


Three: The cervix is the gateway between the vagina and uterus.

It is the doorway between the outside world and the womb. It is the passageway through which semen travels for conception, menstrual fluid flows out during menstruation and new life travels through it during a vaginal birth. It is amazing how crucial the cervix is in the creation of life and it acts as a barrier keeping the uterus clean.


Four: A mucus plug plugs the cervix during pregnancy

During pregnancy the cervical opening closes and the cervical fluid thickens and creates a plug, protecting the growing embryo and uterus from infection. In the lead up to labor (or during) the mucus plug thins and some people notice it come out in one or more globs.


Five: And of course during birth the cervix does one of the most amazing things… it stretches to 10cm to accommodate the passage of baby. What other part of the body can do that!


Check this pics out! Here are 7 pics everyone with a cervix (and those without) should see.

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